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Productions (Past & Present)

ACROBRATS, in addition to its educational programs and frequent appearances in prominent ballet, circus-theatre, corporate, and special-event festivals, has created five, full-length productions that have graced stages across the nation and around the globe.

Prunella & The Champ

1. "Prunella & The Champ"

The story of two unlikely friends who discover a deep respect for one another, and for their differences. Issues of friendship, esteem, cooperation and sibling rivalry were addressed, through dialogue, movement and carefully integrated physical skills. Poignant and humorous, the show was hailed for providing great role models (of strength and sensitivity) to young girls in its target audiences of schools, libraries and theatre festivals.

2. "Bratasia"

An Adagio-Variety Show that featured specialty acrobatics, juggling, comedy and dance. A charming blend of skilled expertise, painted backdrops and vibrant costumes, all set to classical music. "Bratasia" was suitable for both adult and family venues and was featured in performance festivals and main stage theatres.

Prunes & Frantic

3. "Prunes & Frantic"

Opened with an Abbott & Costello-like lecture-demonstration on the principles of acrobatics. The audience was encouraged to join in the warmup, right from their seats. Its two zany characters, in the tradition of circus clowns, cavorted and challenged one another with dynamic partnering, comedic dance and slapstick tumbling.

The Countess Comes To Tea

4. "The Countess Comes To Tea"

Was a mayhem of minuet and merriment, in the tradition of Molière & Commedia del'Arte. ACROBRATS presented this burlesque pantomime set in Georgian England, complete with period costumes and sets. The 3-woman, 2-dog and 4-chicken production won multiple encores at its worldwide debut in Germany and at Lincoln Center's Out-of-Doors Festival.

Chateau Gateau

5. "Chateau Gateau"
(*still available)

Stars a zany chef and dexterous waiter (imagine Fred Astaire & Jerry Lewis loose in a kitchen!) in a comic, culinary farce. Orders sail overhead, plates spin, tables turn and bottles fly as a gourmet meal is created—for a customer plucked "fresh" from the house! It's a tasteful blend of circus and movement skills, with colorful, oversized props and fanciful costumes.

These five productions were realized through collaborations with individual performers: Niki Swarthout (1 & 2), Fran Sperling (3), Deborah Kaufmann & Nancy Buell (4), and Carlo Pellegrini (5). "Prunella & The Champ" featured original music composed and played by Kim Sherman. "The Countess Comes To Tea" was dircted by Richard Scanlon, and featured original music by Wayne Hankin, (as well as Strauss, Schubert, Prokofiev and Offenbach). Its elaborate wardrobe was by Deborah Kaufmann. Mei Ling Louie designed and created most of ACROBRATS' other brilliant costumes, from "Prunella…" to "Chateau Gateau". All of the shows feature backdrops, properties, and graphics by Karen E. Gersch.